What do we do?

At B-Live we are dedicated to developing initiatives related to youth participation.

Our entity collaborates with several public administrations thanks to agreements for the promotion of youth and the dissemination of the social and solidarity economy, as well as participation and environmental awareness among young people and adults. We have carried out more than 20 national projects and 7 European projects, especially with Youth in Action and the Erasmus + program (KA1, KA2).

We have extensive experience in the field of youth and we have highly qualified tools and resources to carry out our activities: training courses, meetings, internships, exchanges or youth initiatives, workshops, conferences, etc.

We have set ourselves the following objectives, which we believe go hand in hand with the basic principles underlying European quality standards and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda:

Inclusion and diversity
Inclusion is a mission that underpins our values. We understand that social transformation goes through the full inclusion of people who are confined to the periphery of the social system. Therefore, in the planning of our activities we guarantee access to those people who, due to their socio-economic situation, do not have information, training, or integration resources. In all our activities we guarantee the use of measures that promote the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination based on race, sex, religion and gender identity.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility
In addition to the activities to raise awareness and get closer to nature that we plan each year, whenever possible in the development of our activities we try to minimise the environmental impact. In this sense, we promote the use of digital tools, public transport or car sharing for our meetings, when they involve travelling in polluting vehicles. In the same way, we promote the reduction of the use of paper and disposable material. We also promote an environmental impact monitoring system based on a social audit that we carry out every year as members of REAS Murcia.

Digital education
We are committed to innovation and use of technological resources. We believe that the existing digital platforms represent useful and inclusive tools to acquire knowledge, enrich training content and exchange proposals and opinions on their application, as well as to disseminate information about our services and the opportunities of the ESC and Erasmus+ programmes. We believe it is very important to develop this objective because of the “digital divide”, that is, the digital gap, not only between different age groups of the population, but also between people with different economic and cultural resources and that can prevent opportunities of growth and development.

Active participation in the
network of ESC and Erasmus+ organisations

From B-Live we advocate for active participation in collaboration networks. We understand that collaboration and exchange are an intelligent, efficient and effective way of developing knowledge and continuous improvement, as our experience demonstrates. Therefore, we are an active part of the Erasmus Network, even accompanying other entities, participating in the exchanges and trainings promoted by the Spanish National Agency, as well as the other National Agencies. Our purposes in this regard are: guarantee the expansion of the space for collaboration and development; promote stable communication channels and share information in an attempt to introduce new organisations and users in the European space.


Our mission is to provide children, teenagers and adults, as well as local and international public administrations: project management, organisation of training courses, workshops, exchanges and cultural, environmental and artistic activities; research, e-learning, projects in the European sphere through calls, actions, volunteering, etc.

Courses, seminars, workshops and any other educational activity oriented towards the learning of adults and young people in the field of social sciences, non-formal education, the relationship with the environment, inclusion and personal development, with special attention to vulnerable groups, with fewer opportunities, excluded or at risk of social exclusion.

Collection, analysis of information and preparation of research work on methods, methodologies and good practices and their application in the fields of: non-formal education, economics, environment, human rights, social intervention and personal development.

Development of essays, texts, pilot projects or any other form of innovation, related to new methods and learning methodologies in the fields of: non-formal education, economy, environment, human rights, social intervention and personal development.

Networking and cooperation
Promotion and integration in groups, networks and any other form of cooperation with non-profit organisations and public institutions that carry out similar activities at the regional, national or international level.

Participation in local, regional, national or international collaboration projects with other non-profit entities.

Cooperative or mutual support activities (meetings, exchanges, exchanges, work camps, translation services and linguistic mediation…) that entail real and direct support for initiatives related to our approaches, as well as carrying out intercultural exchange and volunteer programs.

Sustainability activities, where through the commercialization of some type of product related to the purposes of the association, financing can be obtained to reinvest in activities that promote the values ​​and motivations of the entity.

Associative activities (eg: family meetings, meetings of associations, joint ordering of organic products, contact with local organic producers…) to promote the growth of the entity and the strengthening of other initiatives.

Productive activities in which the associated people can directly experience the benefits and advantages of carrying out the purposes that this entity proposes.

Production of own materials on the activities and the know-how acquired by the association in any format that allows its effective dissemination.

Participation in local, regional, national and international meetings and forums.

Economic, material or human support to entities, groups and individuals for the implementation of non-profit projects, as well as for the realisation of artistic productions related to the purposes and activities of the entity.