Red Internacional B-Live is a Murcian NGO that works at a local, national and international level under the principles of solidarity economy.

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Anne-Charlotte Lamasse

Project manager

Sociologist by training, I have a long experience as an educator and coordinator of projects with different publics in situations of vulnerability. I am passionate about accompanying people in the development of projects to propose sustainable solutions. I am concerned about environmental and coexistence problems, and I believe in a more responsible society, where each and every one finds their space for growth. In my free time, I go to the mountains to walk with horses and dogs to nourish myself with nature.

Laura Gazzarrini

Project manager

I am a linguistic and cultural mediator, and a translator as well. For more than ten years I have collaborated in volunteering, active citizenship and social inclusion projects between Spain and Italy (with organisations that operate at local, national and international level). I work with B-Live with the aim of promoting the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda and youth volunteering activities (I myself started with a European Solidarity Corps project!). In my spare time: trips, beaches, books, and good food.

Adrián Ballester

Project coordinator

My journey in Non-Formal Education has gone from being a participant, to being a trainer and even organising my own projects, always with the focus on youth participation and local actions. I trained as a project evaluator at the AECID Humanitarian Action Office and later I specialised as a Trainer of Trainers with the Spanish and Icelandic National Agencies, participating as a facilitator for different youth entities and in Social Solidarity Economy projects.

I spend my spare time planting books and reading trees, or vice versa.


Laura Cáceres

Project manager

Designer by training, I specialised in sustainable design and have always been very active in matters such as the recovery of materials, upcycling and production in accordance with the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy. For a long time I have combined my work as head of production with volunteering. Currently, in addition to collaborating in the creation and management of projects, I am in charge of the communication and dissemination tasks of the entity. In my spare time I give new opportunities to abandoned objects, I take care of my garden and a thousand other things.


At B-Live we are dedicated to developing initiatives related to youth participation.

Our entity collaborates with several public administrations thanks to agreements for the promotion of youth and the dissemination of the social and solidarity economy, as well as participation and environmental awareness among young people and adults. We have carried out more than 20 national projects and 7 European projects, especially with Youth in Action and the Erasmus + program (KA1, KA2).

We have extensive experience in the field of youth and we have highly qualified tools and resources to carry out our activities: training courses, meetings, internships, exchanges or youth initiatives, workshops, conferences, etc.

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Environmental awareness on the banks of the Segura River as it passes through Murcia.

Department of Tourism and Sports
Actions to  improve the Covid-19 situation


Local scope.

Short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities across Europe for 17-30 year olds.

European Solidarity Corps
Individual and group volunteering


European scope.

Environmental awareness in the neighbourhood of Los Rosales.

European Solidarity Corps
Solidarity project


Local scope.

Exchange of good practices in the field of social work of the future.


August 2020 – December 2022

Countries involved.
France, Italy, Romania, Spain

International Training Course about Youth Solidarity Economy and Entrepreneurship.


June 2019

Countries involved.
Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain.

Promotion of cooperation and innovation within the specific field of solidarity youth entrepreneurship.



Countries involved.
Portugal, Greece, France, England, Spain

Incubator of business initiatives and social and solidarity economy at the local level.

Self-financed project


Local scope.

Participation in the creation of the European Youth Agenda for the 2014 European elections.

Youth in action
Acción 1.3

January 2014-September 2014

Countries involved.
Francia, Italia, Bélgica, España


Social theatre workshop with women in prison.

Youth in action
Acción 1.3


Local scope.

Awareness for full and inclusive access to education.

Youth in action
Acción 1.2.

May-December 2013

Local Scope.


Training for future leaders in social and environmental youth entrepreneurship.

Youth in action
Acción 1.2.

May- October 2013

Countries involved.
Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Poland, Estonia, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia.




¡Atención! Si tienes entre 17 y 30 años puedes participar en proyectos del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad

Podemos ayudarte a encontrar el proyecto que mejor se adapte a tus intereses o necesidades. Hay muchas oportunidades y todas gratuitas.

Los proyectos pueden ser de corta o larga duración (desde dos semanas hasta doce meses), pueden desarrollarse a nivel local, nacional o internacional, estar enfocados en un tema muy concreto o más amplio, ofrecerte formación y conocimientos teóricos, así como experiencias prácticas.

Todos los miembros de la asociación B-Live siempre hemos estado involucrados en actividades de voluntariado. Dependiendo del período y energía disponible, cada uno de nosotras dedica parte de su tiempo a las actividades y causas que más le importan. Por ello, creemos que es fundamental dar la oportunidad al mayor número posible de personas de tener una experiencia de voluntariado, ya sea local, nacional, europea, ¡o las tres!

¿Te animas?¿Por cuál quieres empezar?

Si quieres saber más, escríbenos a info@blive-spain.org o sigue leyendo…

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Our experimental eco-garden: “LA GÜERTA AR MUNDO”, is a refuge of biodiversity in the heart of the Huerta de Murcia.








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